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    Pro Tip

    Guide dogs can accompany people with disabilities in any part of the building open to tenants.

    Our offices are fully accessible and friendly to all building users, including people with permanent or temporary disabilities. Keeping in mind the needs of such users, we have made every effort to ensure that Quattro the surrounding buildings, and the space around them are free from unnecessary barriers and obstacles.

    Parking access

    All of our parking options – the underground garage, the multi-storey aboveground garage and the surface parking area – have accessible parking spots.

    Buildings access

    If you are a person with disabilities, you will not have any trouble navigating the Quattro complex. People in wheelchairs will access the buildings through a ramp near Building D. Moreover, there is a wheelchair platform lift at the entrance to Building A and special reflective pedestrian crossing.

    Lifts and toilets

    Lift rides should not be a problem. All panels are equipped with Braille floor numbers. Moreover, audio messages can be heard on each floor and each lift hall displays reflective floor numbers.

    On the ground floor of each building, there is an accessible restroom for people with disabilities.